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SOFTWAREEducationalDK Eyewitness History of the World 2.0/2.1/3.0
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Product Details
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NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness History of the World 2.0
File NameDKMMHIS2.iso
Size678,359,040 bytes (646.9 MB)
NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness History of the World 2.1
File NameDKMMHIS2.iso
Size669,138,944 bytes (638.1 MB)
NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature 3.0 (2007)
File NameNATURE.iso
Size559,349,760 bytes (533.4 MB)
Product Description

Eyewitness History of the world 2.0 is the ultimate interactive encyclopedia of world history for all the family to enjoy. Spanning from prehistoric times to the modern day, dazzling animations, video, soundbites, infkrmative maps and authoritative test articles bring to life the people, places and events that have shaped world history. This enormously enhanced new version of the acclaimed Eyewitness History of the World answers all your quesstions about the history of the world.


• Over half a million words
• Over 2000 screens
• over 80 amamations
• 3.5 hours of audio
• 30 video sequences
• Over 800 colour photos, illustrations and maps
• Over 3,00 subject-to-sublect links

2.0 & 2.1 can only run in WIN95/98.
3.0 can run in XP
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