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MICROSOFTTools & ResourceMicrosoft Windows 98 Driver Development Kit (DDK)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Windows 98 Driver Development Kit (DDK)
File Name98ddk.exe
Size26,377,712 bytes (25.1 MB)
Product Description

System Requirements

The minimum requirements for using the DDK include this software and hardware:

• Microsoft Windows 98 operating system final release.

• Microsoft Visual C++ version 4.2 or 5.0 (including service packs) for x86-based systems. Microsoft VC++ version 5.0 (including service packs) is required to compile the video capture samples. Note that Visual C++ 6.0 is not supported for any of the samples.
Important: You must install the Visual C++ compiler/development environment before you install the Windows 98 DDK. Otherwise, the Setenv.bat file in the Windows 98 DDK will not set up the correct environment when you run it. For more information, see "Setting Up and Using the Windows 98 Driver Build Environment."

•Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or greater for the DDK documentation set.

•CD-ROM drive, if installing from CD or testing CD drivers.

•16 MB RAM.

•82 MB hard disk space for the full installation (32 MB of hard disk space for a minimum installation, which does not include the sample driver source code, Help files, or other documentation files).

•Legacy Driver Samples:  The legacy driver samples require a 16-bit compiler and linker.  They have been tested under VC 1.52 and VC 1.51.

If you don't already have the VC 1.52 compiler, you can obtain it from the following sources:
1.VC 1.52 is found on Disk 3 (16-bit DDKs) of the MSDN Platform Archive series. This series is obtained by filling out the special request card that came supplied in your first MSDN package.
2.When you receive VC 4.2, there is a special request card that you can use to request VC 1.52.
3.VC1.52 comes supplied as part of the VC 4.0 package.

Note that all the sample drivers included with the Windows 98 DDK build without the Microsoft Platform SDK being installed. However, once you start building your own driver, you might need header files from the Platform SDK that are not on this release of the Windows 98 DDK. You can either copy the required header file or files from the Platform SDK to the appropriate Include directory under either %98DDK% or %VCPPDEV%, or you can install the Platform SDK and edit the Setenv.bat file in %98DDK%\BIN to run the Setenv.bat file that is installed in %MSTOOLS%.
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