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Microsoft Windows Me Driver Development Kit (DDK)

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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Windows Me Driver Development Kit (DDK)
File Namewme_ddk.exe
Size28,196,016 bytes (26.8 MB)
Product Description

System Requirements

The minimum requirements for using the DDK include the following software and hardware:

• Microsoft Windows Me operating system final release.
• Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (including service packs) for x86-based systems.

Important: You must install the Visual C++ compiler and development environment before running winmebld.bat. Otherwise, the winmebld.bat file in the Windows Me DDK will not set up the correct environment when you run it. For more information, see Setting Up and Using the Windows Me Driver Build Environment.

• CD-ROM drive, if installing from CD or testing CD drivers.

• 32MB RAM.

• 157MB hard disk space for the full installation (35MB of hard disk space for a minimum installation, which does not include the sample driver source code, Help files, or other documentation files).

• Legacy driver samples. The legacy driver samples require a 16-bit compiler and linker.

• The 16-bit compiler and linker are provided in the %NTDDK%\bin\win_me\bin16 directory.
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