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Echelon - Explore, Discover and Eliminate (BIN+CUE)(1998)
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Product Details
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NameEchelon - Explore, Discover and Eliminate (BIN)(1998)
File NameECHELON.bin
Size303,057,552 bytes (289 MB)
NameEchelon - Explore, Discover and Eliminate (CUE)(1998)
File NameECHELON.cue
Size180 bytes (180 B)
Product Description

Echelon is an real-time strategy game in the vein of Command & Conquer.

The background story behind the game involves the inhabitants of a faraway galaxy. In their advanced society they destroyed their weapons and have set their differences aside, living in mutual understanding and peace. But then humans discovered the galaxy and started war.

Your mission is to lead one of the races in this game to victory. Each of the three different races you can play has unique tactics, strategy, units and buildings.

You use the buildings in your base to produce infantry, vehicles (including naval, air and tanks), which in turn are used to destroy the enemy. The game features three types of worlds (desert, alpine and ice) on which there will be fought. Not only against the humans but also among each other.
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