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CD(Lossless)MiscellaneousNoel Quinlan - 10 Women of China
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Product Details
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NameNoel Quinlan - 10 Women of China (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[06:50]01.Sword Singer - Hua Mu Lan
[06:15]02.Two Butterflies - Zhu Ying Tai
[05:37]03.Tibetian Queen - Wen Cheng
[04:25]04.After You - Meng Jiang Nu
[06:23]05.Woman Of The Mists - Diao Chan
[06:51]06.Mongolian Heartstrings - Wang Zhao Jun
[04:13]07.Can You Feel Me? - Lin Dai Yu (English Version)
[05:16]08.Look Twice - Zhong Wu Yan
[04:29]09.The Lotus World - Xi Shi
[05:23]10.Desire - Yang Gui Fei
[04:14]11.Can You Feel Me? - Lin Dai Yu (Mandarin Remix Version)
Product Description
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