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The Ultimate Secret Garden - A Night With Secret Garde (DVD)

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Product Details
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NameThe Ultimate Secret Garden - A Night With Secret Garden (DVD)
File NameSECRET.iso
Run Time95 min
Size7,877,582,848 bytes (7.33 GB)
Product Description

This DVD features live concert, previously aired on PBS, from Lillehammer, Norway, Music Videos, photo galleries, biographies, 3D animation and documentary footage. Songs include The Rap, Songs from a Secret Garden, Hymn to Hope, Dawn of a New Century, 22 in all.

01. Intro
02. The Rap
03. Songs From a Secret Garden
04. Pastorale
05. Children of The River
06. Sigma
07. Nocturne
08. Steps
09. Passacaglia
10. Sona
11. Poeme
12. Moving
13. Adagio
14. Windancer
15. In Our Tears
16. Elan
17. Prayer
18. Heartstrings
19. Dreamcatcher
20. Celebration
21. Ode To Simplicity
22. Hymn To Hope
23. Dawn Of A New Century
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