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PC GAMEShootingSolaris 1.0.4. (2001)
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Product Details
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Name沙Solaris 1.0.4. (2001)
File NameSOLARIS104.iso
Size774,729,984 bytes (738.8 MB)
Product Description

In the future, mankind has mastered space travel, and joined the race for galaxy colonization. Many alien races try to prevent the inhabitants of the Earth from conquering other planets. The Earth has sent a highly trained pilot, 104, to destroy a generator located on the planet Bothrops. This generator sustains the energy for an impenetrable shield the aliens have built around their home base. The mission "Solaris" begins!

Solaris 104 is a space shooter, in which players try to eliminate as many hostile ships as possible by using the ship's guns. There is a total of 6 different guns available in the game. Some of the guns can accumulate energy to deliver devastating blows. Players can also "catch" many different items floating around, most of which are power-ups of various kinds (giving extra defense, extra life, etc.).
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