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MICROSOFTMSDN Library & TechNetMastering Application Design and Development Using VS 6.0
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NameMicrosoft Mastering Application Design and Development Using Visual Studio 6.0
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Product Description

This CD-ROM-based training application is designed to teach you the basic ideas and principles of distributed application design. You will learn about enterprise software development and how Visual Studio 6 tools can be used to solve design and development issues. You will be introduced to key concepts and messages of Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition tools. You will also gain hands-on experience using the integrated development environments (IDEs) and the key features of Visual Studio 6. Finally, you will be shown where to explore for further training and information resources. However, you will not be programming complete applications during the course nor will you walk away with complete in-depth knowledge or experience with any one tool.

This course assumes you are familiar with basic programming terms and concepts and also with programming tools (any vendor) for the Microsoft Windows environment or similar graphical programming environment. You should have experience building and debugging simple single-user desktop applications and be interested in Microsoft’s recommendations on building distributed applications using the Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition product.
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