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MICROSOFTDeveloper ToolMicrosoft Visual Basic Applications SDK
 $ 9.9 
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Visual Basic for Applications Software Development Kit Version 6.3
File Nameen_vbasdk_63.exe
Size249,180,016 bytes (237.6 MB)
NameMicrosoft Visual Basic for Applications Software Development Kit (SDK) Version 6.4
File Nameen_vbasdk_64.iso
Size119,347,200 bytes (113.8 MB)
NameMicrosoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.0 SDK Version 6.5 (x86) - CD
File Nameen_visual_basic_for_applications_6.0_sdk_version_6.5_x86_cd_x14-97169.iso
Size128,952,320 bytes (122.9 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) version 6.4 is Microsoft's essential resource for integrating the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) development and runtime environment into your application. VBA provides you and your customers with the world's premier embedded programming technology for creating custom solutions using your software. When you host VBA inside your application, you can take advantage of the full power of Microsoft Visual Basic.

The following items are have been updated for the VBA 6.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) version 6.5:
·Updated version of VBA
·Updated version of the Application Programmability Component (APC)
·Updated APC merge modules
·Updated VBA Core Components installer—VBAOF11.msi
·MSO 11
·Support for Visual Studio .NET
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