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MICROSOFTDeveloper ToolMicrosoft Visual C++ 2.0 (with 2.1 Update)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Visual C++ 2.0
File Nameen_vc_pp_2.0.exe
Size170,173,440 bytes (162.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Visual C++ 2.0
File NameMSVC20.iso
Size458,940,416 bytes (437.6 MB)
NameMicrosoft Visual C++ 2.1 Update
File NameMSVC21.iso
Size496,566,272 bytes (473.5 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0, which included MFC 3.0, was the first version to be 32-bit only. In many ways, this version was ahead of its time, since Windows 95, then codenamed "Chicago", was not yet released, and Windows NT had only a small market share. As a result, this release was almost a "lost generation". Microsoft included and updated Visual C++ 1.5 as part of the 2.x releases up to 2.1, which included Visual C++ 1.52, and both 16-bit and 32-bit version of the Control Development Kit (CDK) were included. Visual C++ 2.x also supported Win32s development. It is available through Microsoft Developer Network.
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