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Microsoft Dangerous Creatures

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NameMicrosoft Dangerous Creatures
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Product Description

Microsoft Dangerous Creatures is a discontinued educational programme by Microsoft Home. It was first published in August 1994. Most of the content was written by naturalist and children's television presenter Josh Whelan.

Dangerous Creatures allows the user to investigate animals according to several categories: Atlas (animals by country), Weapons (animals that had teeth, venom, or claws), Guides (related animals), Habitats (animals from a given environment), and Index (an alphabetical list of all animals covered). Animal articles had pictures, descriptions, and video clips.

Most pictures were taken off websites and books (e.g. Dorling Kindersley). Narration was done by three different people. The main narrator is Robert Zink, who also does the guide 'Fergus', and the other two guides are done by Cindy Shrieve and Annette Romano (Tawny and Safara). The original music was done by Bill Birney. The videos are mostly from BBC, National Geographic, Second Line Search, Al Giddings, Bayer, Anglia TV, Oxford, Archive Films, and F. Juhos Productions.
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