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NameMicrosoft Complete Baseball
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Microsoft Complete Baseball from Microsoft Home 1994 Edition. The Ultimate Multimedia Reference for Every Baseball Fan! Fans, Microsoft Complete Baseball puts all the facts, figures, fun, and excitement of America's national pastime right at your fingertips.

Follow the 1994 season as it happens - Stay on top of the game you love. With a modem, you can subscribe to the Microsoft Baseball Daily, an interactive news service that keeps you up-to-date on all the latest big league action--daily updated player and team stats, detailed box scores of every 1994 major league game, the latest standings and league-leader updates--the same stats your favorite major league teams use.

Explore baseball from its beginnings to the current season - It's all here--the great teams, the great games, a century-and-a-half of exciting baseball action. Recall every World Series, League Championship Series, and All-Star Game; test your knowledge with a comprehensive baseball trivia quiz; and check out the award winners and Hall of Fame inductees for every year in major league history.

Learn all about your favorite players! - Get comprehensive scouting reports for all players on the 1994 Major League rosters. Explore the complete batting, pitching, baserunning,and fielding stats for every player who made it to the big leagues, and more than 1000 photo-packed biographies of baseball's greats.

See and hear the game's greatest moments - Relive the best of baseball action with thrilling audio and video clips--from the early days of radio to the winning play of the 1993 World Series--complete with the roar of the crowd and the sportscasters who called the play-by-play.

Check out the Teams section and take the Trivia challenge - The Teams section gives details about every one of the 28 major league clubs, from team history to a summary of the previous year's season. You'll need to know all this information and more when you take your baseball knowledge up to bat against more than 900 trivia questions. There's a Teams and Cities category along with seven others: Almanac, Awards, Characters of Baseball, Glossary, Post-season, Record Book, and Rules and Statistics. Every right answer is a hit, every wrong answer a strike.
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