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Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002
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NameMicrosoft Encarta Reference Library 2002
File NameERS02ZDVDRN.iso
Size1,948,207,104 bytes (1.81 GB)
Product Description

Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002 is a comprehensive research and reference source. Encarta engages learners with more up-to-date information and multimedia than ever before. A comprehensive encyclopedia, one of the most detailed interactive atlases available, 3-D virtual tours, live media, Microsoft Fact Finder, Research Organizer, and more make Encarta an ideal reference tool. And the DVD format means no tedious disc swapping.

From a single search, Encarta gives you access to a world of information. It brings relevant articles, rich multimedia, and Web links together in one place so you can get your work done faster. Thousands of Encarta experts deliver a wealth of current, reliable facts and analysis, so you get the most from your research time. Encarta combines authoritative articles with engaging multimedia, additional primary sources, global statistics, and the best of the Internet for a rich learning experience. Spin the Encarta World Atlas globe, and then zoom in for more detail. Explore distant places and cultures, or immerse yourself in a 3-D virtual tour.
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