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NameMicrosoft Oceans
File NameMS_OCEANS.iso
Size596,455,424 bytes (568.8 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Oceans is yet another in a long line of software titles which are education reference guides whose subjects vary depending on the product. In this case, the subject is about the earth's oceans. You will learn all about the many creatures which inhabit our planet's oceans; how humans have interacted with it throughout history; and oceans in general. It's all accompanied by a wealth of information which is supplemented by quizzes, videos and pictures. You can even take a narrated tour with one of many different characters, each of whom explores specific subjects relating to oceans. Keep on learning with interactive games and quizzes. Exciting articles will help you to understand the depth of water. You will learn many secrets of marine animals with hundreds of interesting quizzes and 15 of intriguing games. Look how amazing open water in front of your eyes! Explore the world of the oceans with: more than 700 colorful articles, information about hundreds of marine creatures, more than 100 video clips, and more than 1000 photos. This software title was also made with the cooperation of the World Wildlife Foundation.
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