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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Cinemania 97
File NameCIN97.iso
Size635,670,528 bytes (606.2 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Cinemania. Interactive Movie Guide was a reference and educational application produced by Microsoft and published annually beginning in 1992. The software was mainly a database of films, in a similar fashion to the Internet Movie Database, and gave descriptions of the films and who starred in them. Most of this information was not readily accessible before broadband internet.

The program also included over 2000 still images for movies and actors, a large amount of sound clips, dialogs and soundtracks, and a smaller selection of full-motion video clips. As the amount of material increased with each new edition, the quality of media tended to decrease, in order to fit everything on a single CD-ROM.

The last edition of Cinemania was released in 1997.
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