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Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit v3.0 (x86)
File Nameen_net_micro_framework_porting_kit_3.0_x86_287254.exe
Size321,878,912 bytes (306.9 MB)
NameMicrosoft .NET Micro Framework SDK
File Nameen_.net_micro_framework_sdk.msi
Size6,141,440 bytes (5.8 MB)
Product Description

The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a platform that enables developers to more quickly develop embedded systems that are smart, securely connected, and easier to manage. With the version 3.0 release, the .NET Micro Framework enables developers to create powerful embedded systems that are more securely connected through a variety of wired and wireless protocols. With this Porting Kit you'll be able to create, modify, and build Micro Framework firmware images that are customized to your needs. Using the Solution Wizard, you can select the right set of features, libraries, and memory settings to provide the optimal image size for your needs. You can then write new drivers, leverage native code routines through interop, and deploy them on your device hardware.
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