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Oracle Forms & Reports 6i R2 for Windows

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Product Details
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NameOracle Forms & Reports 6i R2 for Windows
LanguagesMultiple Languages
File Name6i_rel2_xp.zip
Size269,979,005 bytes (257.4 MB)
NameOracle Forms & Reports 6i Patch 19 for Windows
LanguagesMultiple Languages
File NameOracleFR_p6194129.zip
Size119,362,985 bytes (113.8 MB)
Product Description

This release of Forms and Reports 6i Release 2 ( is certified for installation on Windows XP.

This certification, however, is only applicable to running Forms and Reports at design time.

Forms and Reports patchset 13 ( is the first version of Forms 6i which is certified for client/server deployment and middle tier web deployment on Windows XP.

If Forms and Reports were already installed when you upgraded your operating system to Windows XP, then you simply need to install Forms and Reports 6i patchset 13 over your existing installation. If you have a new install of Windows XP, then you need to first install this version of Forms and Reports Release 2, and then install patchset 13.

The version of the Oracle Installer in this release is

Oracle Forms and Reports 6i is a 32-bit Visual Basic-like form builder and runtime that heavily integrates with Oracle databases.

This was the last version of the Win32 based runtime. Newer versions are completely web based and lose much of the speed and functionality of the Win32 version. This version includes, and runs on top of the Oracle 8.0.x client. Note that this requires an Oracle 8, 9, or 10 database server to fully operate.

Patchset 19 updates Oracle Forms and Reports 6i to version
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