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SOFTWAREApplicationOracle 7 Server for Windows NT Release 7.3.3
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Product Details
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NameOracle 7 Server for Windows NT Release 7.3.3
LanguagesMultiple Languages
File Nameoracle_733nt.rar
Size114,598,019 bytes (109.2 MB)
Product Description

Oracle7 Server for NT is available for both NT 3.51 and 4.0 in two versions: Oracle7 Enterprise Server for NT, a full-featured database server, and Oracle7 Workgroup Server for NT, a subset of Enterprise Server's features. Both versions include Oracle Enterprise Manager for administering your databases, a symmetrical replication manager that uses the flexible update-anywhere model to distribute data, Oracle WebServer for hosting your Web site, and Oracle's procedural-language version of SQL (PL/SQL) for creating everything from stored procedures to custom applications.

Includes Oracle Server for Windows NT and the Oracle Client for Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows 95.
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