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Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party (The Videos)(DVD)
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NameAaron Carter - Aaron's Party (The Videos)(DVD)
File NameAC_DVD.iso
Run Time28 min
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Product Description

01. Aaron's party (Come Get It)
02. I Want Candy
03. Bounce
04. Iko Iko
05. The Clapping Song

Jive Records presents this prime video collection from Aaron Carter on DVD, and it shows you just what Aaron is all about--having a really good time. Whether he's at home on his motorbike, playing with his dog, or playing basketball, Aaron Carter is a kid's kid, even if he is a pop star too. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)--The Videos shows Aaron having a ball making his first five video clips from his smash hit album of the same name, Aaron's Party (Come Get It). In "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" (the first single and title track of his new album on Jive Records), Aaron's mischief gets him in trouble for planning a massive party while his parents are out one night. "I Want Candy" shows Aaron trying to decide whether to spend time with a new female friend or hang out with his buds. "Bounce" pits Aaron against a pro basketballer on the courts for a dance-infused, high energy one-on-one. "Iko Iko" and "The Clapping Song" highlight Aaron's incredible dancing and singing prowess, set against the warm sun and sand of the beach. Wrapped around each video, Aaron himself gives you a personalized look behind the scenes of the videoshoots, as well as at his home and at his album photoshoot! Never before have Aaron's fans been given the treat of seeing Aaron Carter off camera as well as on.
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