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Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles (2CD)(2001)

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Product Details
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NameEvil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles (Repack)(CD1)
File NameEVILTWIN_CD1.iso
Size640,913,408 bytes (611.2 MB)
NameEvil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles (CD2)
File NameEVILTWIN_CD2.iso
Size237,453,312 bytes (226.4 MB)
Product Description

Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles is a surrealistic 3D platformer from France. The player guides the orphan boy Cyprien through a darkly comical environment spanning 8 distinct islands and about 70 stages, in a mission to save his 4 friends, find his talking teddy bear, and confront his inner self.

Cyprien is helped and hindered through his quest by an assortment of strange beings, from an elephant named Wilbur, who makes his entrances and exits on a swing, a tribe of demis - creatures cut in half, a giant termite queen, a dark root, and many many more.

He is not helpless in his battle against the odds however. He has brought along to this strange dimension Super-Cyp, his heroic alter ego, into whom he may change temporarily using the power-ups scattered around the levels.

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