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DK Eyewitness The Ultimate Human Body 2.0

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NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness The Ultimate Human Body 2.0 (1999)
File NameDKMMBODY.iso
Size567,554,048 bytes (541.2 MB)
NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness The Ultimate Human Body 2.1 (2005)
File NameDKMMBODY.iso
Size498,008,064 bytes (474.9 MB)
Product Description

Explore Your Anatomy As Never Before!

Take an informative and entertaining journey from the skin's surface to the inside of a cell! With amazing 3D models and an incredible body scanner, Ultimate Human Body 2.0 lets you examine the skeleton, view organs from every angle, overlay body systems and understand how they work.

Information-Packed Screens! Screens burst with images, and specially created full-color video and animations that clearly show how the human body works!

Full-Motion Video Sequences! Dazzling videos let you observe activities from DNA replication to blood circulation!

In-Depth 3D Viewer! The variable depth feature lets you explore the skeleton, the internal organs, or both together, plus full 360-degree rotation of the skeleton.


• Discover how the human body works
• Study individual body parts and learn about their functions
• Discover the relationship between healthy living and a healthy body
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