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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksGouketsuji Ichizoku 2 Original Soundtrack
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NameGouketsuji Ichizoku 2 Original Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:30]01.Leave it to Super Kurara (Kurara Demo)
[01:14]02.New Battles (Story Demo)
[00:07]03.Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 Title (Title Demo)
[00:29]04.Mijikon March (Start Screen)
[00:22]05.Jokers (Player Select)
[00:05]06.You Map Here (Map Screen)
[00:04]07.It's a Showdown! (VS Screen)
[03:53]08.Give Me Money (Angela Belti's Theme)
[01:53]09.The Night of the Amiyai (White Buffalo's Theme)
[01:55]10.I Want to Be a Hero - Questionable Version - (Keith Wayne's Theme 1)
[02:04]11.I Want to Be a Hero - Heavy Version - (Keith Wayne's Theme 2)
[01:55]12.I Want to Be a Hero - Refreshing Version - (Keith Wayne's Theme 3)
[03:10]13.Monk Dadada! (Thin Nen's Theme)
[03:23]14.A Man's Karate Way partII (Reiji Oyama's Theme)
[03:42]15.First Love 'The First Love' (Annie Hamilton's Theme)
[03:42]16.'...' of Tears (Saizo Hattori's Theme)
[02:05]17.ZIZIZI (Oume Goketsuji's Theme)
[02:32]18.Brat Kindergarten Song (Kintaro Kokuin's Theme)
[02:34]19.A Life of Solitary Journey (Kanji Kokuin's Theme)
[03:38]20.I Want Love to be Magical (Kurara Hananokoji's Theme)
[02:15]21.Ketjabian (Sahad Asran Ryuto's Theme)
[02:22]22.Okinawa~n (Oshima Goketsuji's Theme)
[02:30]23.~Messy (Final Boss Otane Goketsuji's Theme)
[00:17]24.Facescribble Ondo (Winner Screen)
[00:29]25.Don't Grumble! (Oshima Monologue Demo)
[00:39]26.I'm Oshima (Oshima Appearance Demo)
[00:17]27.Sad Granny (Oshima Lost Demo)
[00:22]28.Questionable Aircraft (Otane Appearance Map Screen)
[00:07]29.Dreadful Chaotic Hair (Otane Appearance Demo)
[00:08]30.A New Leader is Born (Otane Truth Demo Fanfare)
[00:32]31.Poor Otane (Otane Truth Demo)
[00:33]32.Retired After That? (Ending Demo)
[02:57]33.Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 Medley (Staff Roll)
[00:08]35.Game Over
[00:07]36.Game Over -Bright Version-
[00:26]38.Angela Belti Voice
[00:24]39.White Buffalo Voice
[00:24]40.Keith Wayne Voice
[00:23]41.Thin Nen Voice
[00:25]42.Reiji Oyama Voice
[00:22]43.Annie Hamilton Voice
[00:25]44.Saizo Hattori Voice
[00:43]45.Kintaro Kokuin Voice
[00:37]46.Kanji Kokuin Voice
[01:05]47.Kurara Hananokoji Voice
[00:25]48.Sahad Asran Ryuto Voice
[00:26]49.Oshima Goketsuji Voice
[00:50]50.Oume & Otane Goketsuji Voice
[00:38]51.etc. Voice
[02:56]52.Sound Effect Collection 1
[01:36]53.Sound Effect Collection 2
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