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SOFTWAREEducationalDK - My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary 1.0/2.0
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Product Details
Views: 2688
NameDK - My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary 1.0 (1995)
File NameDKMMMFD.iso
Size602,126,336 bytes (574.2 MB)
NameDK - My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary 2.0 (1998)
File NameDKMMMFD2.iso
Size587,102,208 bytes (559.9 MB)
Product Description

Loaded with graphics, animations, sound effects, and kid appeal, this can be used as a very simple picture dictionary – or just as a fun way for young children to explore words and language. Aimed at ages 3-7, even children who are not yet reading can use and enjoy this because just about every word on each screen is spoken aloud at the click of the mouse (including every entry word and definition), and there are pictures and animations on every screen that often serve as contextual clues.
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