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PC GAMEStrategyHorde - The Northern Wind (1999)
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Product Details
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NameHorde - The Northern Wind (1999)
File Namehorde.iso
Size33,419,264 bytes (31.8 MB)
Product Description

Horde is a strategy game based around Russian folk stories. The player starts with his/her hero and a few of his warriors setting up a settlement. In the course of the game the player develops his/her city economically and builds an army to protect his/her country from aggressive neighbors.

In the beginning the player’s army is small, and he/she tries to keep the fragile peace with other nations. But at length he/she becomes strong enough to attack and conquer those, who once were a menace to his/her land.

The game features strong economic and military elements. In most similar games (Warcraft etc.) player’s only income is the gold his/her workers mine, the wood they cut and so on. In Horde based primarily on tax collected from the inhabitants of his/her settlement.

The game features move based and real time modes. The game is divided between diplomacy and huge battles, in which a great number of units can take part. The gameplay is very well balanced and the system requirements are very low (486 and above).
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