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2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia (DVD)

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Name2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia (DVD)
File NameWorldBookDVD.iso
Size5,171,548,160 bytes (4.81 GB)
Product Description

2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia is an educational tool that provides general information about a wide range of topics, going from historical events to more recent subjects.

2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia enables you to browse its contents by topic or you can preview relevant images via the "Just Looking" window: whenever you see something that interests you, press the thumbnail and you will view the complete article.

The encyclopedia also includes multimedia content: via the Just Listening player you can easily navigate the entire 2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia sound collection. Furthermore, you can scan the list of kids safe video cameras and watch real time images from different locations all over the world or simply watch the movies included in the media collection.

The application's content is based on the 2013 World Book Encyclopedia printed edition which strives to provide diverse information suitable for both classroom settings and personal inquiries.

2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia helps you get your facts straight by reviewing all the data available about a certain time frame or event and then test your knowledge by participating to the Trivia challenges.

The app also includes an Atlas that offers you the possibility to view detailed maps for the entire world together with data about the land type, country borders, population density, climate, average temperature and more. You also get to search for specific locations.

2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia is a great education tool that will provide general information about a wide range of topics in a straightforward manner. As a result, if will prove useful both in classrooms and for independent study.
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