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Compton's Interactive World Atlas (1.1)(1997 Edition)

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NameCompton's Interactive World Atlas (1.1)(1997 Edition)
File NameATLAS11_M5.iso
Size675,110,912 bytes (643.8 MB)
Product Description

ComptonĀ“s Interactive World Atlas is a full-featured multimedia experience that includes political, elevation, and satellite maps of the world, as well as all sorts of information about every country on earth.

The program is divided into seven sections that display a different type of information or allows virtual flight over any region of the world. This information varies from geopolitical data to educational videos on weather systems, and other subjects of geographical note. Statistical information on countries, such as birth rates, mortality rates, and GNP, is also provided. Another section lists cultural information, plays national anthems and other music, and provides a library of educational videos on individual countries and much more.
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