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Goukestuji Ichizoku 2 Remix CD(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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Product Details
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NameGoukestuji Ichizoku 2 Remix CD (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:18]03.オキナワーン(We Love 九州 Mix)
[02:04]04.ケチャビアン(音質鮮明 MORE 発狂バージョン)
[01:57]06.ZIZIZI(暴走更年期 Mix)
[02:48]10.英雄になりたいメドレー(比類なき大英雄 Mix)
[03:47]11.Give Me Money(カラオケ)
[01:47]12.アミヤイの夜(真実 Mix)
[03:23]13.First Love(カラオケ)
[03:47]15.もったいない(不死身 Mix)
[10:24]16.豪血寺一族2 メドレー
Product Description
01	I Want Love to be Magical (Arrange Vocal Version)
02 A Life of Solitary Journey (Winter Desolation Version)
03 Okinawa~n (We Love Kyushu Mix)
04 Ketjabian (Clear Sound MORE Insane Version)
05 Brat Kindergarten Song (Karaoke)
06 ZIZIZI (Raging Menopause Mix)
07 A Man's Karate Way (Karaoke)
08 Monk Dadada! (Karaoke)
09 "..." of Tears (Karaoke)
10 I Want to Be a Hero Medley (Matchless Great Hero Mix)
11 Give Me Money (Karaoke)
12 The Night of the Amiyai (Truth Mix)
13 First Love (Karaoke)
14 I Want Love to be Magical (Karaoke)
15 Wasted (Immortal Mix)
16 Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 Medley
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