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MICROSOFTMSDN Library & TechNetTechNet CD Sampler (1995)
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Product Details
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NameTechNet CD Sampler (1995)
File NameTNET9500.iso
Size481,740,800 bytes (459.4 MB)
Product Description

Thank you for trying the Microsoft TechNet CD Sampler! TechNet is the front-line resource for fast, complete answers to technical questions on Microsoft desktop and systems products. We designed Microsoft TechNet specifically for technical professionals who evaluate and decide on new technology directions, administer databases or networks, integrate products and platforms, or support and train users. Members of the TechNet team are in contact with people from Microsoft’s product and support groups every day, working to make sure that the most valuable technical information from Microsoft is delivered to you in the most timely manner possible. We work hard to make your job easier.
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