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PC GAMEAdventure,PuzzleMata Hari (2009)(DVD)
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NameMata Hari (2009)(DVD)
File NameMata Hari.iso
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Product Description

The famous exotic dancer and femme fatale Mata Hari is brought to life in this adventure game which builds its story upon the idea that she actually became a spy in Europe during the World War I era.

Because she is beautiful and seductive, Mata Hari has many men pursuing her. Some of her admirers are wealthy politicians and officers in the military on both sides of the war (France and Germany). Being a material girl of the time, she loves the expensive gifts and money that her suitors give her, and through her connections she has risen to new heights of society. Then she meets the dapper Oscar Somerset who has political ambitions of his own. He convinces her to become a spy and offers to pay her handsomely for any secrets she can uncover. But problems inevitably ensue and she finds herself entangled in a web of love, betrayal, secrecy and mystery. The game challenges the player to change history with actions and choices to see if her tragic death can be avoided.

The game features the traditional adventure elements that include a point-and-click interface, finding and using inventory objects, solving puzzles and problems and conversing with numerous in-game characters. In addition, players can control Mata Hari's dance performances on stage in a series of optional mini games.
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