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CD(Lossless)Soundtracks川崎真弘 - Street Fighter II V Original Soundtrack
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Name川崎真弘 (Masahiro Kawasaki) - Street Fighter II V Original Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:50]01.Theme of Ryu & Ken
[02:44]02.Kindness of the Old Logger
[01:21]03.Overflowing Curiosity
[00:57]04.Even Ryu Sometimes...
[01:17]05.Flowing Warmth
[01:22]06.Reminiscing the Days of Childhood
[01:20]07.Scuffle in the Bar
[01:27]08.Quick-tempered - Violent Fight
[01:40]09.Self-indulgent Stroll
[01:23]11.Ken's Sweet Scent
[00:54]12.One Who Gets Carried Away Easily
[01:48]13.Fierce Fighting that Races Through the Sky
[01:28]14.A Maiden's Prayer
[01:28]15.The Distant Land of India is Faraway
[01:21]16.Culture Shock
[01:18]17.Holy Dhalsim
[01:28]18.The Search for Truth
[02:00]19.The Legend of Bodhidharma
[01:34]20.The Creation of Hadouken
[02:22]21.Parting With Holy Dhalsim
[01:29]22.Bond of Teacher and Student
[01:28]23.Exalted Streets of Spain
[01:32]24.The Splendid Sword Movements of the Matador
[01:19]25.Lunatic Balrog
[01:23]26.Ken's Critical Moment
[01:28]27.A Beauty Charmed by Blood
[01:25]28.Mystery and Tension
[01:16]29.Heroic Struggle to the Death
[01:50]30.Chief Vega
[01:22]31.Fear and Courage
[01:21]32.Hadou VS Psycho Power
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