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MICROSOFTApplicationMicrosoft Works 2.0A
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Works for Windows v2.0A Multimedia Edition (OEM)(1992)
File NameMMWORKS20A.iso
Size227,864,576 bytes (217.3 MB)
NameMicrosoft Works 2.0A for DOS (1990)(3.5-720k)(Disk 1)
File NameSetup and Learning Works (3).img
Size737,280 bytes (720 KB)
NameMicrosoft Works 2.0A for DOS (1990)(3.5-720k)(Disk 2)
File NameProgram and Accessories.img
Size737,280 bytes (720 KB)
NameMicrosoft Works 2.0A for DOS (1990)(3.5-720k)(Disk 3)
File NameSpell, Help and Thesaurus.img
Size737,280 bytes (720 KB)
NameMicrosoft Works 2.0A for DOS (1990)(3.5-720k)(Disk 4)
File NameLearning Works (1 and 2).img
Size737,280 bytes (720 KB)
Product Description

Microsoft Works was an all-in-one scaled-down Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Database geared towards the home user. It was released in variants for early DOS, Windows, and Macintosh.

Microsoft Works for Windows Multimedia Edition uses a lot of your system memory and speed to display the animated movies and the online reference.

Version 2.0 for DOS adds Windows-like user interface capabilities, such as displaying multiple documents type simultaneously and the ability to switch between them. Version 2 can run in a graphical mode that give users access to some WYSIWYG features. Version 2 can also make use of Extended memory and includes a thesaurus.

Version 2.0 for DOS is for MS/PC-DOS running on IBM PC compatibles. Requires 512K of ram, can run using two floppy drives, and supports up to VGA graphics.
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