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Adobe Premiere 4.2 for Windows (1996)

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NameAdobe Premiere 4.2 for Windows (1996)
File NamePREMIERE.iso
Size575,709,184 bytes (549 MB)
Product Description


Premiere 4.2 for Windows NT 3.51
Premiere 4.0 for Windows 3.1
Acrobat Reader 2.1 for Windows
Photoshop LE 3.0.5
Crystal Flying Fonts LE 3.01

Premiere was one of the first QuickTime-based video editors on the market. As a result, its ability to import new video formats could also be upgraded by updating to a newer compatible version of Quicktime. However, it was limited to processing video and images that were 1024 pixels wide, or less.

Premiere included 24 transition effects and a plug-in architecture that was compatible with some Photoshop filters.

It was replaced by Adobe Premiere Pro in 2003.
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