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Catz 5 (Petz)(2002)
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NameCatz 5 (Petz)(2002)
File NameCatz_5.zip
Size288,349,078 bytes (274.9 MB)
Product Description

Catz 5 comes with many new features such as the ability to have multiple cat born in a litter instead of one, five new breeds like the Terrier, and many new play scenes like the Fantasy Castle. The game also contains a total of five mini games to play with your pets. Other features are a day/night cycle, more toys, new clothing and a new graphics engine.

Dogz 5 and Catz 5 each come with 15 Petz Breedz – if you have both Dogz and Catz installed, you'll have all 30 breedz to choose from! And remember, each Petz you adopt in Petz 5 will have its own distinct personality and look - a white spot on its paw or maybe a darker patch on its belly - so no two of your Scotties, Great Danes, Calicoes or Siamese will be alike!

Of course, the descriptions below are breed generalizations. Like real pets, each individual Petz will delight you with its own unexpected behaviors and quirks!

Calico (Jester) Catz of the Calico breed are playful, lovable, learn new tricks easily and come quickly when called.

Persian (Homebody) Persians are an exceptionally lazy breed of Catz. Eating gives the Persian much pleasure, and they will eat most any food item.

Siamese (Sophisto) The Siamese breed of Catz are finicky and independent. They rarely hang out with other Catz or Dogz, but they love to show off in front of the Camera demonstrating elegant poses and stretches.

Black and White Shorthair (Pouncer) The Black and White Shorthair is very territorial and will terrorize smaller Dogz and fight with all Catz. This breed of Catz is an excellent mouse hunter, and can often be found hanging out near the mouse hole.

Orange Shorthair (Scaredy) The Orange Shorthair is the most neurotic of all the breedz of Catz. This breed of Catz is scared of almost any moving object, including the mice and often jumps to the ceiling, clinging in fear.

The Alley Catz (Scamp) A tough loveable breed, the Alley Catz is adept at taking care of itself and getting along with other Petz. Alley Catz may be independent, but they will be grateful for all the love and attention you have to give them.

Chinchilla Persian (Snowball) Chinchilla Persians tend to be vain and a little prissy. This breed of Catz hates any activity that will mess up its glorious fur coat!

Maine Coon (Frisky) This breed of Catz is fun loving and energetic and will chase mice, Catz and even Dogz. The boundless energy of this breed can lead to climbing on the ceiling.

Russian Blue (Whisper) The Russian Blue is a dignified breed of Catz that rarely fights with other Petz unless provoked. Favorite activities of this breed include walking along the fence in the Backyard and sitting in front of the fireplace.

Tabby (Tiger) The Tabby is a comfortable, loving breed of Catz who loves to flex its claws on almost any surface. Tabbies often look a little sleepy, but they will perk right up when the Treatz come out!

Desert Lynx (Leo). This breed is very intelligent and almost dog-like in personality, and although they can be reserved around strangers, they are very friendly and outgoing with people they love. They look and move very much like their wild counterparts. There is no better place to experience the call of the wild than in your own living room!

Egyptian Mau (Mau). Intelligent, social, and loyal, this breed is moderately active and often expresses their happiness by chortling in a soft melodious voice and wiggling their tails at great speed while treading with their forepaws.

Honey Bear (Honey). Large, "dog-like" Catz that love to cuddle and be hugged and kissed.?They adore everyone and get along great with other family pets. Daily brushing is required to keep kitty looking and feeling it's best.

Japanese Bobtail (Bobby). Very intelligent and affectionate, this breed adores companionship and loves to talk, well, meow with you. They also like a good game of fetch.

Scottish Fold (Pixie). With adorable curly ears, this breed has exceptionally sweet personalities. They are extremely affectionate and adapt to almost any home situation. They also get along well with dogs and other pets.
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