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Dogz 3 (Petz)(1998)
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NameDogz 3 (Petz)(1998)
File NameDOGZ3.iso
Size105,470,736 bytes (100.5 MB)
Product Description

Note: This game can only run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me

Dogz 3 is a virtual pet program on your PC that allows you to create a petz family. Dogz 3 offers many play scenes, where your petz can plan and live: Backyard, Family Room, Living Room, Kitchen and The Beach. All pets have toyz, treatz and special features to amuse them all day long. You can personalize your dogz and catz. And as a special brand new feature, tons of accessories and clothing to dress up your dogz. Purrrsonalize your petz with sweaters, shorts, bows, hats, socks and more.

Dogz 3 and Catz 3 each come with 10 Petz Breedz – if you have both Dogz and Catz installed, you’ll have all 20 breedz to choose from! And remember, each Petz you adopt in Petz 3 will have its own distinct personality and look - a white spot on its paw or maybe a darker patch on its belly - so no two of your Scotties, Great Danes, Calicoes or Siamese will be alike!

Of course, the descriptions below are breed generalizations. Like real pets, each individual Petz will delight you with its own unexpected behaviors and quirks!

Mutt (Scrappy) Mutts have the best features of all Breedz! Dogz of the Mutt breed get along with other Dogz, learn tricks easily, are loyal, loveable, and come quickly when called.

Bulldog (Jowlz) Dogz of the Bulldog breed are known to be sweet and soft hearted despite their stern looking outside. Bulldogs love puppyDogz and kittyCatz and will carry them around to keep an eye on them. Give your Bulldog lots of Bonez and he will worship you!

Scottish Terrier aka Scottie (Chip) Scotties love to play, and even when they are being naughty it is usually a form of play. Scotties can’t resist chasing Catz and burying all their Toyz.

Chihuahua (Chi Chi) Dogz of this breed are nervous, high-strung and jealous of other Petz, but with lots of love and reassurance, they eventually calm down.

Sheepdog (Rufus) Sweet and loveable. Gets along with other Dogz and Catz. Loves a good game of chase or fetch. These Dogz are always hungry, so give them lots of Treatz in addition to their regular dog food.

Labrador (Lucky) Labradors are the most loyal of all the Breedz. Labs get along with other Dogz but often can’t resist chasing kittyCatz! They love any game that involves running and fetching, and if you want a Dogz whose full of tricks, a Lab is the Dogz for you!

Dalmatian (Spot) Wildly energetic, Dogz of this breed need to spend a lot of time running on the Beach or chasing leaves in the Backyard. You will need lots of Treatz and patience to teach this Dogz tricks!

Poodle (Fifi) Dogz of this breed are not as delicate as they look, although they are no match for a Great Dane or Sheepdog in a wrestling match. Poodles love doing tricks for Treatz!

Dachshund (Oscar) Fun, outgoing, energetic, curious and smart, Dogz of this breed make great companions for young puppyDogz and kittyCatz. Dogz of this breed are a favorite among all Dogz.

Great Danes (Bootz) start off small, but grow up to be large, loveable Petz. Dogz of this breed are mild-mannered and get along well with other Petz, but just can't help being a bit clumsy because of their size.
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