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PC GAMESimulationPF. Magic - Catz - Your Computer Petz (1.0)(Petz)(1996)
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NamePF. Magic - Catz - Your Computer Petz (1.0)(Petz)(1996)
File NameCATZ.iso
Size29,812,736 bytes (28.4 MB)
Product Description

Catz are the next in line of Your Computer Petz, following in the pawprints of Dogz. Catz live on your desktop and they don't mind sharing it with you. Your Catz enjoy being petted. You can play with them and watch them stalk the Mouse across your documents. In the screensaver mode, they also enjoy taking CatNapz.

Five Catz "Purr"sonalities!
Each Catz breed has a unique attitude. You can adopt a prowling hunter catz (Pouncer), a lazy, cuddly catz (Homebody), a finicky catz (Sophisto), a playful catz (Jester), or a skittish spaz catz (Scaredy).

Catz Want Your Attention
Catz purr when you pet and groom them.

Entertain Your Catz
Catz go crazy when you tease them with the Cat Dancer and other Toys (and wait until they try the CatNip!).

A Real Catz & Mouse Chase
Your Catz will stalk anything that moves. And the Mouse will really drive your Catz wild.

Catz Sneak Around Your Desktop
Catz are curious creatures. You'll find your Catz climbing windows and prowling around your documents.

Catch a Little CatNapz
CatNapz screensaver mode saves your monitor from unwanted burn-in and gives you a glimpse at Catz' dreams.
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