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Angels Vs Devils
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NameAngels Vs Devils
File NameAvsD.iso
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Product Description

Angels and demons fight each other in different games to see which are stronger and to see who will be able to exert their influence over humanity. It's a 3D action game with some RPG elements. You can choose to be either an angel or devil and customize the name, hair colour & style, skin & eye colours, tattoos, sunglasses, hats, gloves, boots, and shoulder pieces.

Set characteristics include strength, power, constitution, agility and speed, and can be increased with experience. Variable characteristics include life, mana, experience and experience level. The angels' powers are shooting balls of celestial energy, rays, divine multi-rays, forces, freezing rays, and celestial rays which home in on enemies. They also have healing, low gravity, invisibility, and celestial shield powers. The devils' powers are shooting infernal fireballs, fiery breath, explosive balls, poison, paralysis, hell (multiple rays), and spectral rays which home in on enemies. They also have healing, spectral shadow, and infernal shield powers.

In single-player, you can change players with any from among your team whenever you want. In third-person view, you fight against opponents with blows or using your powers. You run, jump and flap (glide) through each area while looking for items that give points or extra powers. You can also buy tools in a shop between missions.

There are 6 single player campaigns and the same can be played in multi-player with up to 8 people. They include deathmatch and capture-the-flag game types called Annihilation and Steal The Symbol. There are also: Obstacle Race, Greed (collect most coins), Search (collect will o’ the wisps which move and flee from players), and The Curse (one player must touch another to pass on the curse). There are also Multiplayer modes of Annihilation and Greed where each person plays individually regardless of whether they are angel or devil.
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