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Microsoft Tech. Ed '94 - Australia
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NameMicrosoft Tech. Ed '94 - Australia
File NameTECHED94.iso
Size223,668,224 bytes (213.3 MB)
Product Description

Dear Tech. Ed '94 Attendees:

Thank you for joining with us to make Tech. Ed '94 in Sydney such a success. We have strived to build on the great work of the US team to deliver the first ever Tech•Ed conference in this hemisphere.

The primary theme for the Tech. Ed series of conferences throughout the world is to provide technical information for our customers in an atmosphere free of sales pitches. We are keen to hear from you how to further build on such a positive experience in forthcoming Tech. Ed events.

This CD-ROM is designed to be a continuing resource for you, and complements that provided with the proceedings of the US event. You will find that a number of the presentations on this CD-ROM will either expand on the original US material or rework that material from a fresh perspective. Enjoy!

In order to view the documents on this CD, you must have a word processor capable of reading RTF files eg Microsoft Word 6.0 or later, and you must also have the RTF extension associated with this word processor.

We thank you for your support and use of Microsoft products and solutions.
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