CD(Lossless)SoundtracksDeemo Official Soundtrack Vol.1
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NameDeemo Official Soundtrack Vol.1 (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:20]01.Tzu-Chieh Wen - Deemo Main Theme
[04:28]02.Rabpit - Dream
[04:35]03.V.K - Reflection (Mirror Night)
[04:42]04.V.K - Evolution Era
[02:35]05.Ice Bird Studio - Light Pollution
[05:34]06.V.K - Wings Of Piano
[03:12]07.Mili - Nine Point Eight
[02:30]08.Ice Bird Studio - Undo
[01:55]09.STA - Platinum
[02:14]10.Mili - Utopiosphere
[04:09]11.V.K - Reverse - Parallel Universe
[02:53]12.Ice Bird Studio - I Hate To Tell You
[04:31]13.Rabpit - Saika
[03:54]14.Mili - Yubikiri-Genman
[02:48]15.Sun Chen - Invite
[02:40]16.Kaeru Underground - Run Go Run
[02:34]17.V.K - Yawning Lion
[02:01]18.STA feat. A - Pulses
[02:47]19.Ice Bird Studio - Electron
[02:31]20.M2U - Magnolia
[03:58]21.Tzu-Chieh Wen, Masaki Baba - Sakura Iro No Yume
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