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The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965)(Fan Restoration)
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NameThe Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965)(Fan Restoration)
File NameDNTG.iso
Size4,647,409,664 bytes (4.32 GB)
Product Description

Runtime: 114 mins.

Chinese Mandarin
English (Narration)
Danish (Narration)
Swedish (Narration)

English (Fansub)
English (Alternate)
Chinese Traditional
Chinese Simplified

Fixes include:
- Stabilized and cleaned image
- Re-inserted 20+ mins. missing from the 40th anniversary edition
- Hand-cleaned/repaired hundreds of frames
- Color-corrected entire movie as best as possible
- Restored stereo audio from poorly faked 5.1 audio
- Tried to make the audio slightly less grating
- Added credits
- Added subtitles

The story is based on the earliest chapters of the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West." The main character is Sun Wukong AKA the Monkey King, who goes to heaven in rebellion against the Jade Emperor of heaven.

The first part of the film was completed in 1961 by Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan. The second part was completed in 1964 with the assistance of Wan Chaochen and Wan Dihuan. Both parts of the film were screened together for the first time in 1965.

Both historically and artistically this should be considered an important movie in Chinese animation. Today when we think of foreign animation, many will probably just think of Anime (Japanese animation). But this movie affords a glimpse back to a time before the Cultural Revolution dealt Chinese animation a serious blow from which it (arguably) never recovered.

And it is simply a fun story with some beautiful animation! It certainly deserves a proper DVD release. Hence this FAN RESTORATION. Hopefully a proper restoration will be done at some point in the future, until then this is probably the best you're gonna get...
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