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Microsoft Fury 3 (BIN+CUE)

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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Fury 3 (BIN)
File NameMSFURY3.bin
Size450,363,312 bytes (429.4 MB)
NameMicrosoft Fury3 (CUE)
File NameMSFURY3.cue
Size299 bytes (299 B)
Product Description

Microsoft Fury3 is a simulation video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft for Windows 95. It is not a sequel to Terminal Velocity, but the two games share basic game mechanics and use the same engine. Although it was redesigned to run natively under Windows 95, it can run under Windows 3.1 using Win32s.

The player controls a pilot of the Terran Council of Peace as they attempt to remove Bion forces from occupied planets, of which there are 8. In each level the player must complete objectives, such as destroying mission-critical targets, whilst navigating towards waypoints that will eventually lead to a 'jump zone' that launches the player's ship to next mission. Mission progression is linear, moving the player through 3 missions on each planet before they are sent to the next. Both aerial and ground-based enemy forces are scattered throughout the mission area to attack the player, and may randomly drop items such as health, boost power or weapon ammunition when destroyed. To combat these enemies the player begins with a default weapon, but can unlock more powerful additions to their armory through pickups. Towards the end of each planet the player must face one or more bosses, known as Guardians; these take numerous gargantuan forms which present a greater challenge to the player, but are combated in the same fashion as regular enemies.
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