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Microsoft The Magic School Bus - Explores Inside the Earth

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NameMicrosoft The Magic School Bus - Explores Inside the Earth (with Soundtrack)
File NameMSEE100__01.bin,MSEE100__01.cue
Size398,442,912 bytes (379.9 MB)
Product Description

The Magic School Bus is the basis for a multimedia project for children headed by Scholastic. The Magic School Bus characters and stories appear in television shows, books, board games, and CD-ROM computer games, always with a lesson to be learned and an emphasis on fun and understanding. In the show and games, magic is used to demonstrate science and technology. Often, schoolmates Arnold, Phoebe, Carlos, Mikey, Wanda, and the other kids in Ms. Frizzle's class are shrunk or transformed, to help them see everyday science from a whole new perspective. Of course, having a Magic School Bus to take the class to all sorts of fantastic places helps to keep the learning fresh and interesting.

In this episode, Arnold is missing some rocks from his collection, so the class decides to hop onboard The Magic School Bus and investigate the geology of our planet. Ms. Frizzle and the class explore six different features of the Earth, including canyons, caverns, fault lines and volcanoes. Players can manipulate experiments to cause their own virtual volcanoes, or pan for gold in one of the six mini-games. Six class reports help to bring the new concepts together in a useful way.
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