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MICROSOFTInteractive MultimediaMicrosoft Encarta 2001 Encyclopedia
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Encarta 2001 Encyclopedia Reference Suite Deluxe
File NameERS01ENDVD.iso
Size6,462,406,656 bytes (6.01 GB)
NameMicrosoft Encarta 2001 Encyclopedia Installer Disc
File NameEE01ESDX.iso
Size145,233,920 bytes (138.5 MB)
NameMicrosoft Encarta 2001 Encyclopedia Disc 1
File NameEncarta 2000 CD1.iso
Size671,127,552 bytes (640 MB)
NameMicrosoft Encarta 2001 Encyclopedia Disc 2
File NameEncarta 2000 CD2.iso
Size449,511,424 bytes (428.6 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Encarta Reference Suite 2001 will help you find and organise information from almost a quarter of a million articles, including comprehensive text, pictures, sounds (even pronunciations!) and video. More than just an encyclopaedia, the suite also contains time lines, the World English Dictionary, a thesaurus, book of quotations, style manual, 2001 almanac, the Encarta Interactive World Atlas.

Microsoft Encarta Reference Suite 2001 DVD-ROM combines five award-winning products into an integrated reference library and research tool that lets your family quickly find the information they need using a PC and the Internet. Encarta Reference Suite 2001 contains 277,400 articles, 25,300 illustrations and photos, 81,100 sounds and pronunciations.

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopaedia 2001 Deluxe continues to define the reference category by offering the best mix of authoritative content, engaging technology, and innovative tools. Get expert answers fast - access a wealth of in-depth information compiled by the world's leading authorities in reference and educational publishing. Let the Web come to you - Encarta editors bring the best of the web to your desktop through sites pre-screened to provide news and information tailored to your interests. Use the redesigned Research to collect useful information from Encarta, the Internet, and other sources. Organize your findings quickly and efficiently in convenient folders. Then use your favourite Microsoft Office tools to publish on a Web page, e-mail to friends, or create multimedia presentations.

You can run it on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98/95.
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