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Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition

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NameDungeon Keeper Gold Edition (BIN)
File NameKDDISK1.bin
Size741,790,224 bytes (707.4 MB)
NameDungeon Keeper Gold Edition (CUE)
File NameKDDISK1.cue
Size319 bytes (319 B)
Product Description

In Dungeon Keeper Gold, you get a total of 21 basic realms, named lovely things like "Snugglehat" and "Eversmile". Thankfully, once you have beaten the forces of light to a pulp, you get to rename each of the realms to more proper titles, such as "Brimstone Wood" and "Widow's Bite". The wonderfully demonic voice of your servant also adds new tidbits of information about the conquered realms, such as: "You'll be pleased to know anthrax has broken out, and the remaining inhabitants have happily taken to cannibalism!"

Adding on the Deeper Dungeons expansion gives you 15 more ass-kicking realms to conquer, as well as a multiplayer feature. The only throwback here is the graphics. In the current age of 3D / first person / Sims-dominant games, Dungeon Keeper is a little slice of DOS-looking nostalgia. Just remember, it's a game from 1997 and geared towards a Windows 95 or 98 environment. I'm running XP, but Dungeon Keeper worked fine once I ran the Program Compatibility Wizard."

A must-have for every strategy fan. This "Gold" version includes the original game patched with Direct3D support, the Deeper Dungeons mission disk, multiplayer support, level editor, and a desktop theme for Windows 98.
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