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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksMulan II (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)
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NameMulan II (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:26]01.Lea Salonga and Chorus - Lesson Number One
[01:09]02.Joel McNeely - Main Title (Score)
[02:25]03.Judy Kuhn, Beth Blankenship, and Mandy Gonzalez - Like Other Girls
[01:31]04.Gedde Watanabe, Jerry Tondo, and Harvey Fierstein - A Girl Worth Fighting For (Redux)
[02:35]05.Hayley Westenra - Here Beside Me
[02:50]06.Atomic Kitten - (I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls
[02:59]07.Joel McNeely - The Journey Begins (Score)
[04:37]08.Joel McNeely - In Love And In Trouble (Score)
[04:06]09.Joel McNeely - The Attack (Score)
[04:28]10.Joel McNeely - Shang Lives! (Score)
[02:35]11.Joel McNeely - Here Beside Me (Instrumental)
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