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Michael Jackson - HIStory I (DVD)
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NameMichael Jackson - HIStory I (DVD)
Run Time89 min
Size4,580,845,568 bytes (4.26 GB)
Product Description

Here together for the first time are 10 of the most groundbreaking music videos of all time! Michael Jackson's short films take you on a wondrous journey through his incredible solo career. Experience his unforgettable music and visual images, from the horror movie magic of THRILLER to the morphing miracle of BLACK OR WHITE!


BRACE YOURSELF is a promotional clip, featuring excerpts from Jackson's concerts, footage of Jackson surrounded by fans and journalists, excerpts from his most famous videoclips, album covers and magazine covers.

BAD - The 18-minute version of the short film never-before-seen.

BILLIE JEAN - From THRILLER, the biggest selling album of all time, this short film exposed music video as a true art form.

BLACK OR WHITE - The controversial "Panther" version of this short film launched the DANGEROUS album as a true media event. Here in its entirely!

ROCK WITH YOU - Never before commercially realeased! This is the first single from Michael's first solo album OFF THE WALL!

THRILLER - This "monstrous" masterpiece is the ultimate "music movie." 14 minutes of horrofic fun by director John Landis.

REMEMBER THE TIME - This magical Egyptian fantasy, directed by John Singleton (Higher Learning, Boyz N The Hood) features the King Of Pop with friends Eddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Johnson!

THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL - The rarely seen 9:30 long version of the unforgettable short film.

01. Brace Yourself
02. Billie Jean
03. The Way You Make Me Feel (9:30 Long Version)
04. Black Or White
05. Rock With You
06. Bad (18 Long Version)
07. Thriller
08. Beat It
09. Remember The Time
10. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
11. Heal The World
12. Title/Closing Credits
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