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MICROSOFTInteractive MultimediaMicrosoft Encarta Premium 2006
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Encarta Premium 2006
File NameE06AXLRD1.iso
Size2,994,030,592 bytes (2.78 GB)
Product Description

Microsoft Encarta 2006 is a source you can trust for exploring a world of knowledge that's accurate, engaging, and up to date—with over 50,000 articles, tens of thousands of pictures and sound clips, videos, animations, games, maps, and more. Encarta brings you carefully reviewed, age-appropriate content that comes from sources you can count on, and regular updates ensure that information stays relevant and reliable.

Also included is Encarta Kids, a special area for younger learners ages 7 to 12. Packed with age-appropriate articles and lively multimedia, Encarta Kids provides a safer place to explore all kinds of topics. Make learning fun and easy with a colorful, easy-to-navigate environment designed just for kids, with plenty of maps, photos, and interactive quizzes.

It also included a trivia game called "MindMaze" in which the player explores a castle by answering questions whose answers can be found in the encyclopedia's articles.
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