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CD(Lossless)MiscellaneousSteve Wickford And John Beckenham - East Meets West
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Product Details
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NameSteve Wickford And John Beckenham - East Meets West (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:06]02.China - Underscore
[02:45]03.Geisha Dream
[02:40]04.Geisha Dream - Underscore
[02:36]05.City Life
[01:44]06.Eastern Dawn
[01:40]07.March Of The Terracotta Army
[03:05]08.Buddhist Temple
[02:54]09.Hypnotic Dance
[02:52]10.Hypnotic Dance - Underscore
[02:34]12.Arabia - Underscore
[02:14]13.Arabic Travel
[02:16]14.Arabic Travel - Underscore
[01:39]15.Arabic Sunrise
[01:23]17.India - Underscore
[03:05]18.The Ganges
[03:04]19.The Ganges - Underscore
[02:37]20.African Safari
[02:37]21.African Safari - Underscore
[02:38]22.Elephants' Graveyard
[02:41]23.Elephants' Graveyard - Underscore
[02:37]24.African Skyline
[02:34]25.African Skyline - Underscore
Product Description
Music from other lands played in a Modern Style.
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