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Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2022

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NameMicrosoft System Center Orchestrator 2022
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Product Description

Microsoft System Center is a set of server management products which are aimed at helping corporate or enterprise IT administrators to manage their systems, which are usually a network of Windows servers and desktops. Though individually sold, the products are meant to work together in order to deliver unified management from a single point with each one serving a specialized purpose.

With System Center Orchestrator you tie disparate tasks and procedures together using a graphical user interface Runbook Designer to create reliable, flexible, and efficient end-to-end solutions in your IT environment. Using Orchestrator, you can:

Automate processes in your data center, regardless of hardware or platform.
Standardize best practices to improve operational efficiency.
Connect systems from different vendors without having to know how to use scripting and programming languages.

System requirements: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/system-center/orchestrator/system-requirements-orch?view=sc-orch-2022
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