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MICROSOFTTools & ResourceSMS 2003 SDK and DDKs
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Product Details
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NameSystems Management Server 2003 SDK v3.1
File Nameen_sms_2003_sp1_sdk_v3.1.exe
Size9,067,232 bytes (8.6 MB)
Product Description
The SMS 2003 SDK Version 3.1 contains the latest release of the Managed SMS Site Server Interfaces. This is a set of managed interfaces for connecting and configuring an SMS Site Server through any .NET-enabled language or application. The managed SMS site server interfaces are built on the .NET Management namespace and greatly simplify the code you need to write.

The SMS features enabled by the new managed classes in this release are described in the following table. See the Managed SMS Site Server Interfaces reference for full details, including additional supporting classes for these features.

The SMS SDK also includes samples, extensive reference documentation, and task-based How To topics for the managed SMS Site Server Interfaces.
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