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Le Chant de la Mer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)
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NameLe Chant de la Mer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(French)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:42]01.Nolwenn Leroy - Le Chant de la Mer
[02:27]02.Bruno Coulais - The Mother's Portrait
[02:42]03.Bruno Coulais - The Sea Scene
[05:17]04.Lisa Hannigan, Lucy O'Connell - The Song
[00:59]05.Bruno Coulais - The Key In The Sea
[01:58]06.Kila - The Derry Tune
[01:05]07.Bruno Coulais - In The Streets
[02:07]08.Bruno Coulais - Dance With The Fish
[00:45]09.Bruno Coulais - The Seals
[02:04]10.Nolwenn Leroy - Something Is Wrong
[02:32]11.Bruno Coulais - Run
[01:45]12.Nolwenn Leroy - Head Credits
[01:18]13.Bruno Coulais - Get Away
[02:33]14.Bruno Coulais - Help
[01:07]15.Bruno Coulais - Sadness
[01:06]16.Slim Pezin - Molly
[01:33]17.Bruno Coulais - I Hate You
[01:20]18.Bruno Coulais - Who Are You
[01:56]19.Bruno Coulais - The Storm
[03:31]20.Kila - Katy's Tune
[00:45]21.Nolwenn Leroy - In The Bus
[02:25]22.Nolwenn Leroy - The Thread
[02:45]23.Lisa Hannigan - Amhrán Na Farraige
[03:47]24.Nolwenn Leroy - La chanson de la mer (Berceuse)(Extrait du film Le Chant de la Mer)
[03:49]25.Nolwenn Leroy - Song Of The Sea (Lullaby)(From Song Of The Sea)
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